Digital micrometer

Measure the distance, depth and dimensions of any item with maximum precision!

  • Precise and easy measuring
  • LCD display for easy reading
  • Measures the distance, depth, diameter and dimensions
  • Makes handyman jobs easier
"The fastest and most precise measuring"
"When you do not spend much time on measuring, but only in a few seconds you get the precise measures up to the millimeter, then you know that you have a good tool in your hands. This micrometer measures the size of the smallest bolt and every tiny part with maximum precision, so it is difficult for me to imagine working without it any more."
"I do not even need glasses for measuring any more"
"Only recently I discovered the pleasure of measuring something without having to concentrate to the maximum and strain my eyes to see and write down the correct dimensions. With this tool, numbers are immediately shown on the display and there are no uncertainties. Even better, I do not even have to put my glasses on any more when I have to measure something."
"All I need in one tool"
"For us who like doing our own handyman jobs at home, this is the most practical tool. It measures the distance, depth, diameter, dimensions, in fact everything that you might need in the house. It is easy to use, and the children have used it for their school projects as well. It is a really practical tool that is now in my kitchen drawer."
"Great quality"
"I bought the micrometer because it seemed to me as a more reliable version of an ordinary meter and I was right. Everything that I have measured so far has been accurate. I have been using it more often than I thought and I am very satisfied with the quality and reliability. It really facilitates and speeds up any measuring."